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25 April 2015

Museum of Shipbuilding and Fleet

The Museum of Shipbuilding and Fleet in Nikolaev was created and opened as a department of the Nikolaev Region-Study Museum in 1978.

The Museum is located in an ancient building, which is a monument of history and archeology of state significance.

The decision on creating the Museum of Shipbuilding and Fleet was adopted by Nikolaev Regional Council on October 10, 1973. Experts from the Region-Study Museum and painters of Art Fund of Ukraine, Nikolaev Regional Division, took part in creation of the Museum.

Today the Museum is a citys visit card and it is the only museum of shipbuilding in the country.

The exposition of 12 halls shows the stages of shipbuilding development in the Northern Black-Sea Region starting from ancient times, the process of Black Sea Fleet creation, shipyards development, represents the pages of shipbuilders history.

The Museum annually receives more than 50 thousand visitors, and holds about 1000 guided tours. The Museums funds contain nearly 8000 museum items.

The significant part of the exposition is devoted to founding of Nikolaev as a shipyard in the context of the Black Sea Fleet creation.

Diorama Vessels Building at Nikolaev Shipyard in the 1st quarter of XIX century is one of the Museums most interesting exhibits; it has been created by the artist V. Semernyov - the Schevchenko State Prize winner.

The significant part of the exposition is devoted to the citys shipbuilding yards development at the end of IX beginning of XX century. These materials illustrate the foundation of Naval Shipyard in Nikolaev.

The permanent exhibition Marine Shield of Motherland gives the idea of modern military shipbuilding in Nikolaev.

In the Museum one can sea a model of the legendary yacht Ikar, which was the first Soviet yacht to travel round the world (September 1987 July 1988).

The Museum carries out intensive exhibition work (up to 10 exhibitions per year).

The memorial busts of famous admirals - naval commanders are placed in front of the Museum. Admiralty anchors and shipborne cannons from different times are displayed on the open area.

The Museum of Shipbuilding and Fleet is included in the route of excursion tour for the members of the Military Historical Club of Sweden. The Museum received near 2 million visitors during the time of its existence. The Museum turned 25 in year 2003.