Ancelotti’s «hateful» method is the best medicine for Luka Modric

Ancelotti’s «hateful» method is the best medicine for Luka Modric

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If you’re the type of person who believes in doomsday rumors or has blind faith in the nuances of most of Real Madrid’s press conferences this season, then you’re probably afraid that Luka Modric and Carlo Ancelotti are having a serious conflict with each other, as well as envisioning the Croatian international walking around Los Blancos’ training ground with an annoyed look on his face as their relationship is coming to a bitter end. bitter.

However, at the end of this season, Madrid’s outstanding «conductor» may have to send his erudite boss a bottle of classic Svrdlovina red wine (the best from Modric’s hometown of Zadar in Croatia). ), accompanied by Ancelotti’s favorite Italian hams, after the «nasty» tactics he used on him worked. The 64-year-old coach’s opinion is as follows: Reducing Luka Modric’s playing time will help him achieve his best performance to lead Madrid and the Croatian national team to titles.

Three facts make the public speculate that Modric is fed up with his current situation and will leave Madrid next January even though he only renewed his contract in June.

First: It is unusual that this genius midfielder has only played 392 minutes in the 2023-24 season and started just 4 times in Madrid’s 11 matches in all competitions. Second: With a frequency of about every 3 days, several media organizations in Spain have diligently urged Ancelotti to confirm the truth of the rumor that the relationship between him and Modric is in a tense state. , originating from information allegedly «leaked» from within the club saying that the Croatian veteran is upset with the sudden reduction in his playing time.

Finally: Last month, Modric himself discussed this topic with a Croatian newspaper called Sportske Novosti: “No one is happy not being able to play. After a career like mine, the discomfort is especially acute. Madrid wanted me to stay, and I wanted it too, so when I signed a new contract, the only condition I set was that they had to treat me as a competitive player, not just respect me. just because of past glories.

“They told me my position wouldn’t change at all, and that’s why I agreed to re-sign the contract. But I understand that the coach has his reasons, and I will not falter or reduce my intensity because of this – quite the opposite.”

After all, this is the man known to his teammates as “Mr. Vinegar” (Mr. Vinegar) – a nickname he hates – because when he loses in a practice match, or more especially in a big match – Modric often seems sour and grumpy until he feels bad. The bitter feeling passed. That’s what people are born to win.

I guess the reason why the heat of this story reached its peak was the match against Atletico Madrid more than 2 weeks ago, one of the rare times that Modric was the main starter — it can be said that this was a valuable opportunity. let him prove that the Italian head coach was wrong. But in the end, Madrid was destroyed with a score of 3-1, and the 38-year-old midfielder was mercilessly taken off the field after half-time to be replaced by Joselu, which is extremely rare in football. Nearly 1,000 matches that the Croatian star has experienced in his career.

Next was the performance against Osasuna last Saturday. Madrid not only played some of their most elegant, fluid, dangerous, and effective football this season so far but also scored four goals while also keeping a clean sheet.

Modric was not the only hero in this victory, but he played well, and the statement “I will not falter or reduce the intensity of my efforts because of this – quite the opposite.” again» was proven in those 79 brilliant minutes.

The Croatian veteran held the ball 102 times – more than anyone else on the pitch, even compared to those who played the full 94 minutes. Even this season so far only Barcelona’s Frenkie De Jong and Modric’s teammate Toni Kroos have held the ball more times in a match than him.

Moreover, Modric played the role of conductor in Madrid’s masterful performance with 94 passes, no Los Blancos player has been recorded to have made a similar number of passes in any match this season. this prize. The Croatian midfielder left the field to a standing ovation when the fate of the match was determined, and then continued to be praised by Ancelotti: “That is the Modric we are familiar with – class, dedicated and he fully deserved to be applauded by the fans when he left the field.”

Imagine the prospect that Modric can enter the extremely important and meaningful days lasting from April to July, with full health and a burning will «I will show you». , then went on to play the number one conductor of Croatia or Madrid, or both, and lifted a trophy with them, thanks to Ancelotti’s careful use of him.

If so, then «Mr. Vinegar» will not only owe Mr. Ancelotti just a few gifts.

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