Bellingham’s shine also means it’s time for Modric to leave Real Madrid to go to Inter Miami with Messi

Bellingham’s shine also means it’s time for Modric to leave Real Madrid to go to Inter Miami with Messi

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Modric has only made 4 starts for Real Madrid this season, moving to Inter Miami to play with Messi is definitely an offer worth considering.

Inter Miami failed to qualify for the MLS play-offs. While Lionel Messi was recovering from a mysterious injury, the Herons team lost form and was eliminated from the race for the postseason. After playing their final match of the season on October 21, Lionel Messi, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba will not take part in any more competitive club matches until the end of February.

It’s no surprise that transfer rumors have already begun as Miami plans to hit the market in a bid to trigger a genuine championship challenge in 2024. While there will certainly be some new recruits within new territory, especially through the MLS SuperDraft, all eyes will be on which global superstars could be tempted to join Messi in Florida South.

Luis Suarez continues to be linked with a reunion with three of his former Barcelona teammates after the Uruguayan striker was refused to leave by current club Gremio in the summer. His contract will end at the end of this year, and so this transfer is certainly a possibility.

The warning is about to come true

But perhaps the most interesting name to have appeared on the gossip pages is Luka Modric, who has been continuously linked with a move to South Beach after falling out of favor at Real Madrid, with the owner of Miami’s David Beckham is said to be fueling interest at the club.

What follows is not an article about Modric ending his football career. This is also not an assertion that the 38-year-old midfielder cannot bring anything to the field. This is also not an advice article for Florentino Perez or Beckham. Instead, here’s a look at a strangely strange truth: The 2018 Ballon d’Or winner, arguably the best midfielder of his generation, didn’t really get a chance to play for my club too.

Modric has been just a reliable back-up option this season under Carlo Ancelotti, although there could be an argument that his role could become more important over time. But Modric is a special case, a midfielder who seems to deserve a bigger role, wherever that may be.

And with the prospect of playing regularly again firmly on the table, even if only at an MLS club, the time may come for him to say goodbye to the Santiago Bernabeu — perhaps sooner than he expects.

Greatly influenced by the arrival of Bellingham

Modric’s reduction in playing time has long been predicted. Since appearing in nearly every match in the 2020-2021 season, the Croatian midfielder has seen his participation decrease. Although he was a standout player in Real Madrid’s Champions League winning campaign in the 2021-2022 season, his involvement in La Liga has been limited, making just 25 senior appearances.

The situation became more difficult last year. Modric has only made 19 senior appearances in Spain’s top flight — despite his full participation in European knockout matches. But it’s worth mentioning that even if Real Madrid chases Barcelona in the La Liga championship race, he can still only play half of the season.

However, Modric defended himself and insisted he could still contribute, telling a press conference on Wednesday: «This is definitely a new situation for me not playing much.» like before and like I want. I always want to play, feel my best and prepare to contribute my best.»

Kroos still retains his position

Modric is not the only veteran midfielder at Madrid whose career is gradually approaching its end. Kroos, an equally important part of the Madrid squad that won four Champions League titles from 2015-2022, is now 33 years old and like Modric, his current contract will expire this summer.

Although Kroos is five years younger than Modric, both have played 17 seasons of professional football in the top flight. Additionally, Kroos appears to be less fit and simply cannot move on the pitch with the same relentlessness as Modric, and geographically they are comparable in terms of distance covered.

Madrid is a club that moves at a ruthless pace. Although loyal, Ancelotti is not someone who usually has feelings or faith in football romance. In effect, the coach has created an environment in which the most suitable option for each match is often chosen, and those who are not selected must accept a substitute position.

The fact that he recently replaced the out-of-form but highly regarded Rodrygo with the aging Joselu is proof that Ancelotti is not afraid to bother his superstars. Modric may be a special case because of his status in football, but to his coach, he is just an ordinary player.

What must happen for Modric to leave Real?

This transfer does not have to be an impossible task. Modric has done his part for Madrid up to this point and has earned the right to leave anytime he wants. Madrid fans can accept that fact, while the decision on Ancelotti’s selection suggests he may not be a significant loss on the field.

Of course, there are externalities that need to be considered here. Bellingham himself credited his early success to being able to train with Modric and Kroos every day. Modric’s influence in the dressing room cannot be ignored. Furthermore, the chance to win domestic and European titles this season remains, something he cannot help but want to fight for.

Therefore, Modric can leave at his own will, at a time that suits all parties. He has the chance to close a chapter in his life and start a new one gracefully — perhaps the perfect thing for a club legend who wants to avoid having to watch someone else take over his starting position. in the next six months.

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